15 Mind Blowing Tips for Improving Your Bench Press

How to improve your bench press is the most asked question on the internet these days. In this addition, one of the easiest ways to increase your bench press is to bench press more. However, there is no doubt with the fact that bench press is the king of upper body exercises these days.

In particular, for a gym, it is a matter of pride as well as the most common measure of your weight lifting acumen. As it is indeed all that and more, afterward why do you have a bench max or a tiny bird chest? Yet you should remember only heaving the weight around and lying on a bench is not enough in the way of how to improve your bench press.

What Are for Your Bench Press?

Typically, you might know bench press is upper body strength, training exercise. And, thus it consists of pressing a weight upwards from a supine position. Specifically, the bench press works on the pectoralis major the shoulder muscles, arm and supporting chest. So if you really want to know how to improve your bench press, here are several proven tips for you. Then read my article that will tell you the 15 facts about improvement your bench press that will blow your mind.

1. Do It by Leg Drive

The second tips to improve your bench press are leg drive. Further many lifters get confused about leg drive and the effective use of it. The way of doing this is very simple. You just need to lift the weight or hypertrophy. Then keep your feet firmly on the floor. Furthermore, try to maintain a moderate amount of tension in your legs. Then bring the bar to your chest and when the bar touches your chest, push hard with your legs.

2. You Shouldn't Under or Over Training

Here are the third tips for you regarding how to improve your bench press to make sure you are not under or over training. Remember the lighter the weights and fewer the sets per workout, the more often you can train the muscle group. On the other hand, the heavier the weights, the less often you can train the muscle group.

3. Work On Weak Areas

In consequence, you have a particularly weak area of the bench; you should start benching inside a power rack and set it up. Thus, you can bench using only a range of motion within your weak zone specifically.

4. Smith Machine

Another proven method to improve your bench press is to stay off the Smith machine. For the reason that the Smith machine simply activates fewer muscle fibers than the free weight bench press.

5. Use a Thicker Bar

Nevertheless, many lifters use a technique of using a thicker bar. At this instant, it makes your benching easier when you switch back to a standard sized bar.

6. Try with Upper Chest

Yes, another great thing to improve your bench press is work on your upper chest. It is particularly an effective and proven method for building, all the muscles involved in the flat bench press.

7. Bar Path

To improve your bench press concentrate on bar path. In particular, the most efficient bar path is a gradual arc from just below your nipple line. However, the technique effectively employed while you hit your sticking point on a difficult lift.

8. Squeeze Your Glutes

Since you perform the bench, try to tighten up your glutes. By doing this, you’re helping reinforce the stability that you body needs.

9. Try to Keep Your Elbows Tucked

You should try to keep your elbows tucked and protect your shoulders. Usually, the bench press gets a bad rap for running shoulders. Besides, it is the biggest mistake when performed incorrectly.

10. Develop Mental Strength

The mental decision is a big effect to improve your bench press. This is because of when a person gets used to it, they can do more, further and further again.

11. Keep warm

Obviously, you need to take the extra time to rest between your heavy maxing sets. With this intention, you have to stay warm throughout the session. Regarding this, you can wear hooded sweatshirts pants or can wrap towels around your legs properly.

12. Reverse Band Presses

The next effective ways of how to improve your bench press are reverse band presses. So you need to work through an entire range motion and press the bar in your normal groove.

13. Concentrate on Your Shoulders Back

You should keep in mind while you’re bench pressing your shoulder girdle should keep in a retracted position. In this case, to become used to it you might need some practice. In brief, to do this, you have to stand normally with your hands against the wall. Then take one-step backward. Now without leaning forward or bending at the hip, stretch your arms out as far in front of you. And try as much as to touch the wall. Initially, it's called the protracted position.

How to improve your bench press

So this is the first tip for you to improve your bench press. You will see the result if you practice like this for 5 minutes a day for few days or weeks. Until now this is one of the safest and most powerful benches presses that will surely blow your mind.

14. Grip

Identically there are three different ways to grip the bar. They are the full grip, false grip and grip the bar with your thumb held straight out along the bar.

15. Visualize

Above all, before starting every single max attempt, you have to visualize yourself doing that weight.

Moreover, try to work through each of these systematically proved points of how to improve your bench press. Eventually, you will surely become stronger and more connected better bencher with shoulders that still love you.


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