5 Best Fitness Exercises for a Full Body Workout

What is the main reason to choose a full-body workout? If you need to lose weight, build stronger muscle, increase your physical and mental strength, then you have no chance to avoid a full-body workout. Doing full-body workout for three days a week significantly increases the chance of building stronger muscle. Now the question arrives that which fitness exercise would i choose for a full-body workout?

You will find lots of fitness exercises which will make you confused and won't let you start. If you don't know about the best fitness exercises for a full-body workout, then you must read this post carefully. Many people don't get proper information on this topic. And so i have decided to write about 5 best fitness exercises for a full-body workout. After reading this post, it will be helpful for you to choose your perfect fitness exercise.

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5 Best Fitness Exercises for a full-body Workout

#1. Biking

Biking is favorite childhood pastime for a lot of people and now this can be their favorite fitness exercise. Biking is affordable for getting a full-body workout. But why this exercise? It will reduce back pain, joint pain and knee pain and strengthens leg muscles.

Biking increases the heart rate, removes fat around waistline, burns calories, reduces unwanted fat and helps to lose weight fast. This exercise develops your metabolism. Regular biking for 15 minutes are enough to make your body fit.

Your abdominal and hips work as secondary muscles when you pedal. Biking is a great workout for your core muscles. You can go here https://bikesgearlab.com/best-hybrid-bikes/ to know more about bike exercises.

#2. Push-Ups

There are limitless reasons why you would love push-ups as a full-body workout. Some people might tell that this is an old exercise, but it works great. Push-up is helpful for wide range of muscles. When you complete a push-up, you have lifted more than 50 percent of your body weight.

Push-up is boring and monotonous for some people and so they will find different types of push-ups. They can pick the one which they love. Some of the variations are incline push-up, atomic push-up, Spiderman push-up, resistant band push-up and so forth.

Push-ups make your muscle stronger than before.  

#3. Squats

It’s a lifting exercise for the lower body. It increases strength. Squat works great for the hamstrings, hips and gluts. This type of fitness exercise will strengthen your upper body if you do this regularly with weight. Squats are essential for fat loss and you can't neglect this exercise. Squat specifically removes the unwanted fat from the lower body and considered as one of the most effective methods to do that. 

You will find some variations for squats. Some of these need to carry weight with both hands and some need to be completed with the single hand. I prefer the sandbag bear hug squat where you will have to hold sandbag in front of the body.

Squat will increase the workout efficiency. Squat will also lower your boredom significantly. As there are some variations, you will never be bored at doing full-body workout. And finally, you will have more flexibility.

#4. Burpees

Burpees are little bit complex, but they work great to reduce extra weight.

They are called natural fat burning machine for your body. By doing 1750 burpees, you have the chance to lose at least one pound of fat from your body.

Burpees are effective for the whole body and by doing burpees, you have the chance to burn more calories in a limited time. You can do this fitness exercise anywhere you want. They will not only help to lose weight, but also make you feel better than before.

Burpees will take care of your hamstrings, arms, glutes, core muscles and chest.

You can add burpee in any type of workout you want.

#5. Deadlift

Deadlifts is popular to give stronger hamstrings, calves, core muscles and forearms. But this should be done correctly. It's a bit risky. Deadlift strengthens the total body.

Why you would take deadlift as a fitness exercise? It can quickly burn fat than any other exercise. Lifting weight burns more fat.

Deadlift will make you more flexible and give you a better posture. You will be astonished by knowing that deadlift is one of the safest weightlifting exercises in the world. By doing this exercise, you will have the ability to increase testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the growth of muscles in the body.

Final Words

It’s not always possible to to go the gym whenever you want. That’s why full-body workout is there to help you. It needs less time than the gym. You can workout everyday. I am hopeful that after reading this article, you have found your desired fitness exercise which will not only make your body stronger, but will make you mentally fit and energetic as well.

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