Five Facts about Weight Bench Exercises That Will Make You Think Twice

Like you know weight bench exercises are the core exercise for developing your upper body muscles and strength. That is why from hardcore bodybuilder to regular body builder, all consider the weight bench exercise as compulsory. But doing exercise in the weight bench demand some rules to get the better results. And following the rules can make you some silly mistakes sometimes. With the naked eye, they do not look like mistakes, so many people infect the expert body builders usually make errors for many times. What are these things that we often do but don’t recognize as any error of our daily weight bench exercise routines? Well, that all we will discover in here.

Five Facts about Weight Bench Exercises

Many people mistakenly performed some traditional workouts day after day since they have started exercising; just knowing they are in system. But they can cost you a lot in future if you don’t pay attention right now. So let’s see, what those five facts about the weight bench exercises are.

Fact #1- Less is more

Sometimes it’s better to follow the strategy to gain more do less. The biggest mistake of bench exercise is over working out in reaching a goal. Its may be human nature, to wanting anything so badly and blindly work hard. Typically, they adopt some own created method if the traditional or basic rules are not succeeding to provide desired results. Also, some common sense solution or random advices join into this over training procedure.

If you don’t get anything positive from exercise for a while, then take a break and return with fresh energy. Otherwise overtrading can cause various types of problems. Such as, trouble sleeping, poor nutrition, lack of motivation and lack of progress.

Fact #2- Not trying for better posture

Working the normal posture can waste energies while lifting the bar. It makes you more exhausted and less lifting the bar. When you wide your grip, your bar will travel less distance compared than closer grips. Maximum people try to make the grip as full as possible during bar lifting. Also if you are benching along with the closer grip, then is will take a bit longer to adopt wider grips. However, start with assuming your natural push up little wider more than your usual wideness, around 3 inches more. It will help you to make widen the grip while lifting the weight bar in weight bench exercise.

weight bench exercises

Expect from the grip widening there is another way to decrease the distance of your weight bar. Like this one- try to retract your shoulder blades as much as possible. During the entire movements, try to squeeze your shoulder blades together. At first, it may be little uncomfortable to doing exercises by squeezing the shoulder blades. But gradually it will be ok and will give you more stable surface to weight bench exercise.

Fact #3- Not keeping the heels in ground

You may have seen in your gymnasium, many people kicking or flapping their legs in the air. And after some, while doing it as they turn blue, they usually going to push the weight and spend some time with doing it. It seems very hard and spontaneous, but you should know they are off centered, and it costs some serious poundage for future. To avoid this, when you are going to do these stuff keep your heels on the floor. It will help you to get more power and keep the breath even longer.

Fact #4- Full body exercise

You don’t need to full body work out in the daily basis. First of all, you could not continue to this further every day, 4/5 days in a week. And second of all, you don’t need to be doing all of them in the daily basis. It is very hard to work out daily in 45-minute basis. So, it’s better to set up your old workout routine in a new way, where you can give each muscle occupied best workout bench exercises as you need. Except for the bench press, you have a lot more option for your chest exercise. With an optimal exercise performance, you should only train each body part ounces in a week. It will help you to get maximum benefits and get rid of tiredness or less patience. If you are suffering anything like this, it’s better to concern with a gym expert for making a routine of exercises.

weight bench exercises

If you are still thinking, it is not a good idea to having weight training exercises three or four times in a week then you are going again in over train zone again. See the fact #1 again. Do you really think you have time and stamina to perform 45 to 50 minutes per day in 4 to 5 days a week?

Fact #5- Try to flatten the back

During the contact with the bench, arch you lower back along with the head, shoulder, shoulder blades, and butt. It’s natural to arch your back aside from keeps it flat. Even some struggle between flat the lower back and their other back portions while the weight bench exercise and get exhausted. You can place roller foam under your lower back if it’s not natural for you during practice. The benefit of arching your lower back is it will help you to shorten the distance of the bar eventually.


All these help you to completely isolate your chest head over to the packed deck machine to finish up correctly. Infect it’s useful to learning more than just chest exercise when you are going to weight bench exercises. But don’t be surprised if you feel sore in your chest, back, shoulder or triceps. Don’t worry you will fine within few days. These facts can help you to work out better.

So, spend your energy in the right way rather than waste. You are not cheating on your exercise you just found a way to better your efforts on all weight bench exercise.


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