How to Get a Flat Stomach in a Month Some Essential Tips

We all know that a flat stomach is lovely. Why is that? Because having a flat stomach does improve your appearance. The question is how fast we want to get a flat stomach, or how to get a flat stomach in a month.

What else? It also eliminates the risks associated with belly fat or visceral fat.

Well, fats accumulate in our body in two ways. First one is that everyone can see it, subcutaneous fat. They accumulate under our skin, in the thighs, belly, buttocks, etc.

The second type is visceral fat, which we can’t see. But it gives a cushion effects to our vital organs like heart, liver etc. In addition, excessive visceral fat has a link to higher risk of developing various diseases. Hence, visceral fat can cause heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some kind of cancer.

A third type, also known as triglycerides, which we can find in the blood that can elevate blood pressure. Consequently, it causes unfavorable cholesterol ratio.

I have come across some variations in their queries about how to get a slim stomach at home, which is most common.

However, from my personal experience get a flat stomach in a month is not a big deal. So, I recommend the two major factors to consider for getting a Flat Stomach.

  • Try engaging in Specific Types of Exercise, and
  • Make a habit of Eating Healthy Diet

How to Get a Flat Stomach in a Month at Home

Two major but effective ways of getting flat belly are a healthy diet and regular workout. I must say, both are effective individually. But to achieve a pronounced result, a combination of these two natural ways is noteworthy. It will also give you a faster result. Experts say regular exercises with healthy nutrition are the pillar to a healthy life.

It is especially relevant that if I want a significant result within the first week I do have to consider several factors as well. My body type, metabolism, discipline and most of all my willpower.

How to Get a Flat Stomach with Exercise

If I exercise, I will have my stomach flat in not time. I don’t have to go through rigorous ways just to get a flat tummy. Furthermore, I don’t need to pay a huge amount of money for stomach flattening devices. I want a flatter stomach. So I have to reduce my body fat level with a low-calorie but high-nutrition diet. And of course, a right kind of calorie-burning exercise is a must.

Flat Stomach Exercises

One thing we must keep in mind, some may find it harder than others to get a flat stomach. Our natural body shapes, as well as our personal fitness level, do play a role. Yet, what works better for me might not work perfectly for you.

So, if I want hand in hand result to get a flat stomach in no time I must engage in a specific type of exercise.

Consequently, when we think How to Get a Flat Stomach in a Month Exercises, I would personally suggest the two most effective exercises:

  • The Squat, and
  • The Deadlift

The Squat for Flat Stomach

Since we are trying to build our muscles or lose weight (even if we want both) the best exercise I would recommend is squat. Especially when are worried about flat stomach.

Let’s consider, why it is so great, and then how to perform it properly? In fact, Squats work with every single muscle in our body. Some may think it’s an exaggeration yet it is not far from the truth. Hence, it is the right choice if we are thinking of losing weight or we want to get in good shape.

​Seems like, squat doesn’t require any machine at all. We can perform them anywhere and anytime. A Dumbbell, a Barbell or anything that is remotely heavy will fulfill the requirement.

No matter if we wish we may do it free hand. But we can always start light and then when we feel comfortable we can work our way up. We don’t need to overdo ourselves.

Right Way to Perform Squat

  • check
    Start standing on our feet. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, pointing your toes slightly outward.
  • check
    Bend your knees. Lowering your hips pretend as if your sitting down in an invisible chair
  • check
    Aim to lower your hips in a controlled manner. Bend your knees until they form 90 degree. Heels must touch the ground.
  • check
    Pull in your abdominal muscles. Engage your stomach as you perform the exercise.
  • check
    Keep your back straight up and eyes pointing straight ahead. Maintain your back in straight position throughout the exercise. Otherwise, it can put unnecessary pressure on the spine that can cause muscle pull.
  • check
    Maintain your balance by extending your arms straight forward.
  • check
    Inhale as your go down. Exhale as you rise up.
  • check
    Repetition may be at your ease. Begin with 10 reps. Continue with 15-30 reps in each set if you are fit. Do 1-3 sets. Rest between sets.

Squat with Dumbbells

Performing Squat with Dumbbells is similar to that of stated above. The only exception is we are adding dumbbells to it. Again how to get a flat stomach in a month is all the same.

  • check
    Hold the dumbbells in front of you right against your shoulders and continue similar to the above.
  • check
    Apply same technique holding the weights in this position as you continue.
  • check
    For a full body exercise, you need to press those dumbbells into the air. In a single exercise, you can work your shoulders, chest, triceps, back and legs as well.

The Dead lift

It has similarities with the squat exercise. But it has an exception that you need to pick the weight off the ground. This time you are more likely to rely on hips and legs other than your lower back.

Make a Habit of Eating Healthy Diet

In conclusion, making habit of eating Healthy Diet is a natural way of getting a flat stomach. So, we don’t need to follow a special diet plan. Hence, changing bad diet (candy, fast foods etc) habits and replacing them with healthy (whole grains, fruits, veggies etc.) foods will serve the purpose. Can’t you take that pain? Of course, you can. Don’t forget that you are chasing a dream of how to get a flat stomach in a month.

Try Remembering Some Important Tips:

Stop Eating at Least Two Hours Before Sleep

We are less active at night. And when we sleep our body slows down and as a result, it will prevent food from digesting properly. Thus our body will store the calorie we consume during the night as fat rather than burning them as energy.

Eat Little but Frequently

​Diet experts now a day suggest that eating five or six meals instead of having three meals a day will help regulate blood sugar. It will also control food cravings. Even if you have healthy foods such as fruits and veggies in large quantity which will cause your stomach stretch out. So, it is wise to take your meal in small proportions just well spread throughout the day.

​Avoid Sugar Intake as Much as Possible in Your Diet

​Very effective way of getting a flat stomach fast and naturally. Sugar contains a lot of calories. Moreover, extra sugar in the system will cause a high insulin level. High insulin level will cause the lower production of glucagon. (a kind of hormone which burns the glucose as energy). Hence it will cause larger storage of fat.

​Curtail the Intake of Alcoholic Beverages

​Alcohol like beer and wine is very high in calorie content. Furthermore, it stimulates hunger and at the same time, it can cause loss of willpower. Subsequently, your may start eating those unhealthy foods that you have been depriving yourself of. Since you cannot avoid it complete try reducing its quantity to the minimal level.

​Lower Sodium Intake and Increase Potassium

​Foods rich with potassium reduce water retention. Sodium retains water in your body. Thus you will look bloated around your abs. Avocados, bananas, mushrooms, white beans and yogurts contain potassium. Try to change your regular table salt with sea salt. Replace sodium rich foods with healthier options.

​Turn Aside Carbonated Drinks

​Carbonated drink adds extra calories to your body with no nutritional value. Carbonation itself causes bloating.• Drink plenty water. Water flushes out the toxins out of your body. It helps maintain normal bowel movement. Water helps our kidney. It can balance our body fluid. Water energizes our muscles. It helps our skin look good. Water can control calories.

​Settle upon Eating Healthy Food

​You can enhance your satisfaction with benefits of eating healthy food such as Lean protein foods, Fiber foods, Healthy fats, and a fruit or veggies.

  • Lean protein foods – include seafood, lean meat, beans, nuts, eggs and low-fat diaries like milk, yogurt, and cheese.
  • Fiber foods– Whole grains, fruits, vegetables.
  • Healthy fats– Nuts, fatty fish, Vegetable oils etc.
  • Fruits and Veggies– Avocado flesh, Durian flesh, Guava, Kiwi, Oranges, Pear, Grape, Banana, Mango, Papaya etc.

Flat Stomach in a Month Challenge

If you wish to have a flat stomach in a month challenge I suggest combining these three step theories to achieve that goal.

Make Improvement in Your Diet

  • Try Reducing Calorie intake
  • Increase fiber intake
  • Consider Lean Proteins
  • Take meals with Soup
  • Stop buying belly fat-busting food

Exercise Efficiently

  • Emphasize on fat reduction exercise
  • Make variation in your cardiovascular exercise
  • Combine strength exercises

​Enhance Your Stomach’s Appearance

  • Maintain good posture
  • Concentrate on work to reduce your stress.
  • Attain good sleep
  • Avoid bloating stomach
  • Drink plenty water

Final Words

In modern age how to get a flat stomach in a month is not a day dream. There are options you know so far. The only matter is what is convenient for you or I would say what you can make room for. Now you need to have your mindset. Put yourself in the required discipline and you can make it work. All you have to do is watch your diet, take a walk or exercise or bring a change in your habit. Three simple choices, improving your diet, Exercising Efficiently or Enhancing your stomach’s appearance can make achieve your targeting goal. Nevertheless, I have discussed all of these. Now it’s your turn.


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