How To Use a Weight Bench Properly ?

Weight benches are essential equipment for any gym whether it's at home or any gymnasium. Weight benches have significance role in the exercise routine of people. It's allowed you to lift heavy weight safely and reducing any risk of injury. You can use this with dumbbells, barbells and power racks, etc. Most benches can adjust according to the need and flexibility of the user. Weight benches are significance because you can use this for a variety of exercise, not only just for chest but also triceps, back and abs as well.
How to use a weight bench  is the main question we'll be focusing on in this article, I like to talk about the different types of weight benches and then mentioned some guideline over how to use weight bench effectively and how to ensure the maximum benefit from workout routine.

Purposes of the weight bench

Weight bench presses are very helpful for the natural movement of the body. The primary function of the weight bench workout is to developed muscular strength and longevity especially for body builders as well as athletes. Several exercises like chest presses, shoulder presses, rows, and pullovers, etc. can be done with dumbbells without maintaining balance. The stability of weight benches allows you to lift a lot of weight.

Types of the weight bench

Weight benches have two kinds: Adjustable and non-Adjustable. The adjustable weight bench can be adjusted to any angle from 0 to 90 degrees, according to user need. Non- adjusted bench can be flat, incline or decline and fixed for particular kind of exercise. Adjustable benches cost about 9 to 10 times than non-adjustable benches. Before purchasing one, you should consider what types of exercise you want and be sure you will be using the equipment for a long time.

Are you a Beginner?

The Weight benches are ideal equipment for beginner weight lifters. It's very easy to carry out heavy weight exercise for beginners. Most seats can be adjusted according to height and incline to adapt various exercises. It's Provide ideal position for the beginner workout with the flexibility and stability that necessary to work on heavy loads.

How to use a weight bench

In this section, we know about how to use a weight bench in detail.

Use a bench for chest exercise – Incline the weight bench allows you to work on the muscles of your upper chest. Declining the bench emphasizes your lower chest.

Use a bench for support – You can use the weight bench as a support if you want to work on your biceps. Incline the weight bench in a sitting position and take the equal weight in each hand. Be sure your back is comfortable with the seat at the time of lift weights.

Use weight benches for lifting weight – Weight bench should only be used as a lifting weight workout place. You don't do step aerobics on your weight bench.

Keep your feet flat on the floor – Keep your feet flat on the floor or bench whichever is comfortable.

Don't put your feet up in the air - Especially if you are a beginner, don't put your feet up in the air that creates an unstable position.

The equal amount of weight on each side of your barbell - Always makes sure that same amount of weight on each side of your barbell when you are using it.

Standard exercise with weight bench

It is important to know about the proper training with the weight bench to better understanding how to use weight bench properly.

Exercise 1: Bench Press with Dumbbells

Tools you will need: weight bench, dumbbells or barbell

Lie on your weight bench, put your feet flat on the ground. Take a dumbbell in each hand and lifting the weight vertically to straighten with your chest, take the weight down to your chest keeping your elbows in tightened and stop an inch above touching your chest. Hold the weight for a second then push quickly upwards.

Exercise 2: Seated Incline Dumbbell Row

Tools you will need: weight bench, 2 Dumbbells

Lay with your chest on the bench set at 45-degree incline angle, start with the dumbbells in a palm facing in a neutral grip position hanging below you, and slowly bring the weight upwards to your core keeping your elbows in tight. Hold for a second at the top and then return to the starting position.

Exercise 3: Seated shoulder press

Set the bench to a full 90-degree angle then lift the weight directly over your head, slowly bring the weight down to your elbows from a right angle and then push the weight upwards.

Exercise 4: Seated Bicep Curl

Position the back pad to a 90-degree angle and let the dumbbells hang down by your side, then with your paws facing out curl upwards without withdrawal your elbow and hold the contraction at the top for a second, slowly bring the weight back down until your arms are straight before repeating.

Exercise 5: Lying Triceps Extension

Tools you will need: weight bench, straight bar

Lie on your weight bench with your feet flat on the ground. Hold the bar with a pronated grip (easier for beginners), with your hand's shoulder width apart. Avoidance locking on your elbows bends your Ulna to bring the bar above your forehead. From this position, extend your forearms to raise the bar above your head.

Exercise 6: Concentrated Curl

Sit down on your weight bench with your legs apart and your feet flat on the ground. Pick up a dumbbell with your right hand, keeping your back straight, lean forward slightly, with your elbow to some degree bent and place it on your right thigh then rest your other hand on your left thigh. Take a deep breath and lift the dumbbell up to your chest.

Benefits of weight bench

  • Weight bench press is very helpful for the natural movement of the body as well as lessens the risk of injury.
  • Proper exercise (2-3 times a week) has proven to reduce depression and creates effective stimulant on the brain.
  • Regular weight press can increase bone density and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Bench press in your routine provides maximum strength and longevity of your muscles.
  • Regular bench press plays a crucial role to Increase grip strength and upper body strength.
  • Benching press helps to improve your flexibility which helps you to run fast.


In this section, I talk about some necessary precautions to reduce the risk of injury at the time of exercise with the best weight bench.

  • check
    Don't continue bench press if you feel any pain. Consult with the doctor if pain continues.
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    Avoid lifting the excessively heavy weight when you are starting, as they cause injury.
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    To reduce injury, keep your feet flat on the floor or bench and maintain a straight back on the bench at all time.
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    Use a stable surface to lift from
  • check
    Always have someone spot you when you raise a weight that is too heavy in the case your hands slip.
  • check
    Follow the guidance of a certified trainer to learn the right path how to exercise with a weight bench.

The Final Verdict:

There is no doubt weight benches are great tools to build up your core. If you are a novice, you can get advantaged from using one. I hope and believe that the how to use a weight bench article has been helpful to you in giving you some guideline and tips on how to exercise with weight bench in an effective and efficient manner.


Hey! I'm Adam. I'm a fitness enthusiast who loves to exercise more than anything. I never miss my workout. Over the past 10 years, I have used all kinds of gym equipment, especially, the weight benches. On this website, I write reviews about best weight benches money can buy.

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