Marcy Adjustable Utility Weight Bench – SB670 Reviews

The fitness industry is always changing and shifting as the trend goes and come. There are always a constant change of new equipment, training methods, as well as dietary theories. The change of trend somehow is a good thing because things can improve through this way. Training or exercising is not always should be at the gym; training at home also makes sense because it is far more effective and comfortable than joining a gym. This means no one will get on your way when you workout and most importantly it helps you reach the train goals.

There are numerous kinds of training equipment from time to time. The fact that you are not a professional athlete makes choosing the right equipment while not getting scammed for buying pricey stuff is quite difficult. One of the must have training equipment is the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench SB670.

Whom is this product designed for ?

All fitness equipment are not made equally; that is why it is important to find out whether Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench – SB670 is the right tool for you or not. This fitness equipment is perfect for you if you have these following criteria.

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    If you want fitness equipment which is 100% effective but will not force you to break the bank
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    You need a fitness bench which can be adjusted in order to allow you perform multiple kinds of exercises
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    You need a bench with safety guarantee and reliable so it will not let you down no matter how weight you lift
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    You need a fitness bench that is proven to bring people’s training to a different level
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    You are searching for training equipment that can be stored easily and not spend huge spaces

Features About Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench SB670

The Marcy adjustable bench SB670 has numerous of features which provide you with the more effective workout. Made by Impex Fitness, this training equipment is basically designed for garage or home gym. The following is the main features of this bench.

Designweight benches are the most popular fitness equipment that can be found mostly in home or garage gym throughout the country. Using the weight bench will help you gain strength. The Marcy SB670 weight bench is designed for total body workout. The back support can be adjusted to 6 different settings ranging from decline to nearly vertical. Due to the wide choice of the adjustable position; makes this fitness tool is suitable for numerous exercise need. Besides the back support that can be adjusted, the seat angle is also adjustable downwards or upwards for maximal support when exercising in the incline position.

Even if the equipment does not feature leg developer; however, most users are completely fine without it. it features convenience handle and also transport wheel which makes it easier to store after a workout.

Angles – the Marcy SB670 features adjustable backrest up to 6 levels such as decline which provide your needs for incline presses, decline presses, and also chest presses. For fly position, the bench can be adjusted into flat position. Besides the backrest, the seat is also adjustable into three more different positions which provide support for every angle.

Materials – the Marcy weight bench is produced using the high-quality steel for a commercial product. It is made of 14 gauge steel frame which makes it sturdy and able to resist the users’ body weight. In addition, the steel frame is also coated with certain powder to avoid rust and scratches. The backrest and seat are made of high-quality foam with high density to provide maximal support and comfort during a workout. It also prevents the users’ muscle to get fatigue. The overall look for this bench is different from the conventional benches in which the Marcy bench features black with white stripes for a cooler looking. You will surely look this look which appears differently from the ordinary great and black bench options.

Dimension – this weight bench has the dimension of 52”x25”x46.5 and the overall weight is 46lbs which mean that the Marcy bench is not too heavy or too light. One of most highlight feature is easy to store a function which makes it suitable for those who live in an apartment.

Featured benefits

The Marcy features benefits are the wide exercise options as it specifically designed for dumbbells workout. Combining the tool with limited dumbbell collection will make you engage with wider options of upper body exercise. Some exercise which you can choose such as pullovers, triceps kickbacks, standing preacher curl, seated dumbbell curls, dumbbell rows, and so much more.

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    Can be used to train targeted certain area of the body such as shoulder, chest, back, abs, arms, and much more.
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    It is made with boxed upholstery with 6 position adjustable pads and also fit into tight storage space.
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    it also comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • When you decline the bench, it has no padded rollers which beneficial to wrap the legs.

In Summary

Among other adjustable benches, the Marcy SB670 can be considered as the best option. It features a solid design which is not easy to crumble when you lift heights. In addition, it also features 6 different positions for back pad and 3 level seat pads.

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