The Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench Reviews

Fitness and health have a superlative importance in our days of fast pace changes, and it’s not something to ignore because we are going to feel better, live longer, and more confident with who we are. Despite the massive change that a good shape and regular exercise can bring to your life, people keep making excuses like, I have no time, the nearest gym is hours away, I hate gyms.This review is a revelation to those persons that creates excuses, and we are bringing you probably the best weight bench of the market, or at least the completest one. That weight bench is the Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench. let’s review it and see if it can do all the things it claims.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

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    People who wants a good body.
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    People that cares about its health.
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    People who hate go to a gym.
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    People who cannot afford a gym membership.
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    People who hasn’t time to go a gym
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    People who haven't a gym near to them

Important features about Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench

The Phoenix 99226 Olympic Bench has a full-size bench that can be adjustable to be inclined, declined and flat positions, a really good feature that must have every single bench.

It includes plenty of attachments to fully cover all the exercises your body needs, from legs to biceps. Plenty of benches come without attachments and they cost a fortune, a good play move by Phoenix.

Heavy-duty robust 3-inch steel frame built to keep a correct and safe stability. Also, it has incredible benefits in the long term, making it an equipment to last forever.

It is built with a squat rack in the rear with 3 Olympic weight plates’ adapters and spring clips to expand even more its versatility and repertory of exercise you can execute on it.

Features Benefits

Its full-size bench fully adjustable allows you to hit those muscles from every single angle by having the options to set it up inclined, declined and flat. For beginners, it means that you can work out your muscles completely and with hundreds of options to training every single muscle.

The inclusion of attachments is probably the best benefit of this weight bench with weights because it will save you valuable money. It’s a complete bargain because for its price you can find only a bench without attachment. In addition, this phoenix 99226 Olympic bench represent a really good product to buy because it has features and attachments to work out every single muscle in your body, you won’t have parts neglected.

Its high resistance built with top-notch materials allows you to make a long-term investment, probably you will inherit it to your sons before it breaks or something. Think about it, you will buy just one equipment for the rest of your life, it’s cheaper to pay a gym membership for years.

Only a few benches include a rack to do squats, which is extremely positive because some benches neglect the legs and we all know how disgusting it is to see a well-developed upper body with chicken legs.


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    Really affordable price, with tons of attachments.
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    It covers all kind exercise regardless the part of your body you want to train.
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    Resistant structure. The squat rack includes.
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    1 year of warranty.


  • Lack of weight plates.
  • Difficult to assembly.
  • Small for taller people.


1. This machine includes attachments?

  • Yes, it includes attachments to train your back, legs and more.

2. Do I need professional help to assemble it?

  • No, you can do it on your own.

3. What are its measures?

  • 88W x 83H x 60D inches.

Insider Tips

A trait on this kind of equipment is that it doesn’t need constant maintenance or a security check. It only needs to get checked every week to see if some screws or pieces are loosed and if it is loose tighten it.

Watch your children if they are using it, avoid to let them alone.

In Summary

This bench is probably the best weight bench because it has everything you will need. You can work out every single inch of your body, every part of it and with a large repertory of exercises. Its structure is solid as a rock, which makes it really durable, you will have an equipment for decades, another plus is the inclusion of attachments that will save you hundreds of dollars.

This is definitely a really good opportunity because it is cheap, versatile, durable and perfect to have the body you always wanted.

You are on a budget, but you’re looking an incredible and top-notch machine? This is your bet to get the body of your dreams.


Hey! I'm Adam. I'm a fitness enthusiast who loves to exercise more than anything. I never miss my workout. Over the past 10 years, I have used all kinds of gym equipment, especially, the weight benches. On this website, I write reviews about best weight benches money can buy.

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