How to Use and Wear a Weight Vest

Wearing a weight vest is highly recommended by the fitness experts. There are high chances of non-experienced people wearing it all wrong. In this simple guide, I will tell you how to wear the weight vest properly and make good use of it.

To begin with, it is important to say that there are things which simply are NOT effective; a good example of this is the use of resistance in the wrong direction.

For example, by using a shin guard on your arms and simulating a punch, you are not working on increasing the power / strength of the punch, as resistance (gravity) is pulling your arm down, and to increase punch power, would have to be in the opposite feeling to what you are punching (back).

With that being said, we can already imagine that many moves of these types of overloads are inefficient. Just using that extra weight and performing moves will not increase the efficiency of training.

Where to Wear the Weight Vest

The place where the overload is found makes all the difference in the stimulus. Let's imagine a race (just for the purpose of taking a global stimulus):

  • Weight in the hands: you will increase the total weight of your body, and will only increase the stress on the shoulders.
  • Foot in the legs: you will increase the total weight of your body, but the stress will only be on the muscles of the hip (much) and knees.
  • Tree on the trunk: you will increase the total weight of your body, will distribute the impact on the lumbar and spine.
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Seeing in this example we realize that it is not all the same. So we now have two fundamental factors: the choice of exercises and the location of the overload.

In addition to these factors we can cite the most important of all that is the goal. If you are looking for hypertrophy, this type of implement is probably not the most efficient, except for movements with body weight, where this application is extremely valid.

Usually the use of these tools is focused or performance or weight loss, where we can trace a similar application, which is to provide greater systemic stress in the movements already performed.

But then everyone can go out putting on jackets or tying weights in the body?If we think of shin guards the objective should be only to increase the overload in the body movements, since in other movements there are other more appropriate utensils.

Thinking about the vest is possible to use it for aerobic exercises in order to increase the intensity (which can be good if the student has adequate muscle preparation) in return for increasing intensity, obviously there will be a decrease in speed (a good correlation would be that If you increase the incline on the treadmill, you have to slow down to maintain the same heart rate).

This vest allows the accomplishment of a more specific aerobic training, for example, a fighter can perform as aerobic exercise a fight handling training.

For resisted exercises is the same principle of training with shin guards, depending on the choice of movements there are other exercises superior, but provided that you have no health problems and / or articulate and the overload in the vest is equally distributed in the front and back Of the vest and also balanced between the sides, to avoid any type of overload that is not equally distributed, you can carry out any movements with body weight safely.

If you are looking for buying a weight vest, here is a guide to choose the best weighted vest

Training with Weighted Vest

A simple example of training only with body weight and weight vest:

  • Bent arm bias with fixed bar open
  • Handstand pushup in bi-set with supinated fixed bar
  • Closed-arm flexion in bi-set with Squatting
  • Climbing on a bench with Ventral Board
  • Passed with Abd. Infra Hanging

Each week you can choose to increase the repetitions, decrease the rest, or increase the overhead if this is an option.

Even, if you want to reduce your waist by waist training exercise, then I will tell you the can help you to do this.

Hope to have a good workout! Good Luck!

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