What Are Exercise Benches? You Need to Know 

If you are familiar with gym, weights, bars, etc. then you may also familiar with exercise benches. Regular benches have additional features designed to optimize your workout training. However, they come in different sizes, designs with optional add-on equipment and are manufactured by various fitness manufacturers. Usually, the brands on the market also differ in price, size and price. If you want to buy a new exercise bench, then you have to learn all about the details about it. That is why we have brought you a complete guide about this essential workout equipment.

Exercise benches

They are simply to put together and designed to help the user perform various kind of exercise that would be easy to perform and weight bench. There are many types of workout benches are available, but first, we will start with the topic about the benches that are used for weights.

What are exercise benches that are used for weights?

Usually, flat benches support on lifting weights. Its sturdy metal frame with four legs is suitable for bearing heavy weights and stable performance. Because weightlifting is a very particular form of exercise and requires specially designed equipment to perform. Apart from the legs it also has two arms rising above the head of the bench to support your weight bars. Some of these benches are contained with accessories for various weight lifting exercises. They can be tilted on a hinge at the head to exercise like leg presses etc.

In every category, the weightlifting bench is the most common. It’s ideal for supporting your body weight and additional weight that you are going to lifting. Its sturdy frame and padding tend you to lift safely.

What are combination exercise benches?

Combination benches are configured to be used with a multitude of different exercises and fitness routines. These benches become quickly popular among all kind of gym loving people. These benches are suitable for adding arms and other accessories for standard weightlifting.

Also, you can easily and quickly remove them for other exercises. Mostly they are tending to be flat benches but sometimes they can be apt too. Some of the combination benches are with both flat and inclined facilities.

What are ab and incline benches?

Your abdominal muscles get benefits from the ab bench workouts. The ab benches are specially designed to actives this particular body muscles. They come in u shape, small in size and have padded seats. They also support to hold your feet in place while you do sit-ups and crunches. While, the incline benches also work for abdominal muscles but add some extras during exercise. Like, it secures your feet underneath and provides padded knee supports to make the quality reps.

What other kinds of exercise benches are there?

You will find several types of benches available in the market. Some are solid, and some are foldable for easy storing. You will easily fold them and keep them under your bed or in your closet. Commonly they tend to be straight, and those which come with accessories are easily collapsible. This kind of benches is ideal for those people who lives in the small apartment where lack of space.

Besides, there is another type of benches which come with back extension and the regular flat bench. The first one, back extension benches are meant to exercise your back muscles. It has a smaller padding and double posts to keep your feet in position. Whereas the flat bench is similar to weightlifting bench, except the accessories. But the padding tends of the bench is much thicker than the previous one. You can use it for various workouts such as sit-ups, crunches, and reverse crunches.

There is something more you should consider before going to purchase an exercise bench. Like,

  • Quality- Make sure your chosen one provide stability and strength. It’s better to consider those who made from steel and heavy gauge tubing. Also, see the weight capacity of the bench which should be provided by manufacturer’s product specifications.
  • Style- These benches can be separated into two types, utility, and bench with racks. Utility benches are adjustable but also they are available in flat and fixed categories. They used with dumbbell exercise, and affordable in price. But they are not for heavy lifters because they don’t contain with safety ‘catch’ to return weights to return weights.

On the other hand, the benches with racks are geared for heavy lifters. It offers the safety ‘catch’ and also suitable for barbells. Racked benches could be fixed or separated; you can choose them as your requirements. But the separated benches are versatile more for using dumbbells, or as a squat rack or both.

  • Used Space- The modern benches offer fewer floor spaces for setup or easy storing facilities. Some are foldable so you can leave them aside when you are not using it. This feature may not come with the rack with lots of utility room.
  • Adjustability- For effecting workouts, you should go for the weight bench with the broad range of back pad adjustments. These allow you to exercise with a flat, incline/ decline angle. Also, it offers a wide verity of training exercises you can engage in, targeting different body muscles effectively.
  • Workout Stations- Some workout benches offer additional features like
    1. ​Leg developer attachments for leg curls and extensions.
    2. ​​High pulley stations for exercises lat pull downs and triceps pushdowns.
    3. Preacher pads for bicep and forearm exercises.

These workstations could be the very useful home gym for your fitness training.

Safety- The rack options provide safety for weight trainer because the rack provides safety catch. If you are exercising with heavy weights, you should consider this version.


These are efficient and offer a slew of exercises to add your fitness training routine. It could be a great extension of your home gym. So, before you purchase any of these benches be sure about its quality like the frame and upholstery, used space, style, adjustability, safety and the types of weights. If you are going to the bench with accessories, then also make sure about the additional workout stations. And remember one thing don’t compromise with the quality over prices if you want the best quality exercise benches.

I think, you have got the best idea about exercise benches after reading this article. If you want you can also read about shoe for healthy feet tips and guides here​ beststeeltoeboot.com


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